iOS 13 Will have these top new features

As we know, Apple released the beta version of iOS 13 publicly. With the new update, iphone users can expect a new user experience. Apple had come with many innovations in the new iOS 13, especially in dark mode . We have brought together everything you need to know about iOS 13 features .

What New Features Does iOS 13 Offer?

Dark Mode

With the new iOS update, iphone users can get the expected Dark Mode feature. With this feature, the usual iPhone interface can be used in a dark mode.

This dark mode has been developed especially for dim light environments, so that you do not get tired of your eyes and do not disturb the people around you with the light of your phone. Users can manually activate this feature from the setting. It can also be scheduled to ON and OFF for a specific time interval or sunrise or sunset.

In addition to this, new wallpapers optimized for Dark mode changes automatically when you switch between light and dark modes.

New Category System

With iOS 13 , Apple has also introduced the new category system. This allows users to group photos and videos into specific categories which can accessed with a new tab. This will allow the users to easily find their photos and videos.

Auto Play Live Photos

Along with the new category system, Live Photos and videos can be played automatically. This feature makes your Live Photos or videos play quietly while reviewing photos in your gallery.

Photo Editing Options:

Apart from these features, the new iOS 13 update is also featured with photo editing options. In this part, you can examine the effects you will add to the photos, especially the density preview.

You can also automatically adjust the density of your photos with the enhancement setting. In addition , users will be able to edit photos with options such as brightness, white balance, sharpening, sharpness, noise reduction, external fading, and Image Capture API .


Along with the latest version of iOS, a number of camera innovations welcome users. In this part, the technology giant, which stands out with its improvements in portrait mode, offers a more advanced experience. As a result of improvements, users can now reduce or increase the intensity of the Portrait Light effect.

Apart from the changes made to Portrait Mode, the new Portrait Light effect welcomes us in High-Key Mono . In this mode, users will be able to create a nice look by highlighting a monochrome object in front of a white background.

Security and Privacy Improvements

The new iOS update, already in beta, comes with a number of security and privacy improvements. As a result of API changes, applications are now requesting access to Bluetooth. Thus, Apple overcomes a possible security issue.


The Reminders app gets a whole new interface design with this update. A number of changes has been made to the Reminders app which makes it smart and easy to use.

Smart lists added to the Reminders application will allow users to see all the reminders together in all lists.

In addition, the virtual assistant automatically detects what is said in Siri and advises you to create a reminder.

The Memoji

In order to convey various emotions in Messages. Apple, Memoji and Animoji allows us to create sticker packages with our characters.

Performance Improvements

The most striking feature of iOS 13 is the performance improvements. In this section, the company says that iOS 13, iOS 12 apps will open 2 times faster.

It is also worth mentioning that Face ID on iOS 13 is 30 percent faster than iOS 12 . Another change made with the new iOS version was made on applications that take up much space.

With the new version, applications in the App Store will now take up 50 percent less space with the help of the new compression method . In addition, application updates will be reduced by up to 60 percent .

Apple Arcade

This service enables Apple’s iOS , macOS and tvOS users to access a wide range of paid games on the App Store platform for a monthly fee . You can access games from iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV .This also allows the users to play games offline.

Game Controls

With the new iOS update, you will now be able to connect the game controller of the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One S to the iPhone.

Other Innovations

Other new features that comes with iOS 13 includes muting unknown calls. When this setting is enabled,the phone will ring only when calls are received from stored Contacts. Mail and Messages using Siri’s artificial intelligence algorithm. All other incoming calls are automatically muted and forwarded to voicemail.

List of Devices to Support iOS 13 Update

iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s Plus
iPhone SE
iPod touch (7. nesil)

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