Samsung is developing a ‘Perfect full-screen’ smartphone with under-display camera

North Korea’s smartphone maker Samsung wants to maintain its dominance in the new technology. While the rest of the companies are bringing smartphones with the Notch and pop-up selfie cameras,Samsung is developing a perfect full-screen smartphone. In this smartphone, the selfie camera will be inside the screen like the rest of the sensors. Samsung has recently launched the S-series smartphones, with the Infinite-V display which has the punch-hole Selfie camera.

According to the recent reports, Samsung is developing the technology to complete the concept of ‘Perfect full-screen’ smartphone without having any notch or hole for cameras. In this case, the phone’s display will be as edge-to-edge (from one side to the other edge).Along with all the sensors, the selfie camera will also be set below the phone’s display.

The bad news is this full-screen technology will not be available very soon in the market. It may take a few years for its mass production. Samsung’s VP said in press briefing during Samsung’s Mobile Communications R & D Group Display, “However, this (fully full-screen phones) will not be possible in the next one-two years. The technology can move in such a way that the camera hole will disappear and the selfie camera will work entirely like before. ‘

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Samsung’s latest devices includes a premium series of Galaxy phones and a smartphone with a fold-able display. Samsung Galaxy S10 is the world’s first phone with Infinity-O display. However ,this phone the punch-hole design for the self-camera in the upper-left corner. At the same time, the rest of the sensors have been placed behind the screen. Currently, this smartphone is a milestone for the company, but Samsung, who is ready to develop a better device, wants to go even further.

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