How to lock Netflix profile using PIN code

Netflix launched the PIN code feature to prevent kids from accessing mature rated accounts and access shows that are not suitable for them. This feature can be used to lock individual profiles in Netflix preventing other profile holders from accessing yours. Using other’s Netflix profile will also modify their personal preferences and show suggestions. So, in-order to lock your Netflix profile using a pin code just follow the simple steps below.

Steps to Lock Netflix Profile

This feature can be configured only via the through a web browser on your Android,Windows, iPhone or Mac.

Step 1: Go to, Sign-in your account and enter into your profile.

How to lock Netflix profile using a PIN code

Step 2: Hit the dropdown menu on the top right corner and click on Accounts.

netflix accounts

Step 3: Now, scroll down to reach Profile & Parental Controls section and click the drop-down near your profile. In                the Profile Lock section hit the Change option.

netflix parental control

Step 4: Before configuring the PIN, you must enter your account password for authentication purposes.

netflix authentication

Step 5: After authentication, check on the “Require a PIN to access profile.” and type in your 4-digit PIN.

configuring netflix profile pin

Step 6: After entering the PIN click Save.

Now, every time you land on the Profile page, there will be a padlock icon below your name. Simply click it and type your 4-digit PIN to enter.

The Netflix Profile PIN code can also be turned off by following the same steps and disabling the “Require a PIN to access profile.”

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